About David Bowles

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Short Version:

Education:  B.Sc. (Honors) in Psychology; Ph.D. in Management Sciences/Organizational Psychology from top UK Business School;  Diplomas from Sorbonne (Paris) and University of Pisa, Italy.


Experience:  SVP at HayGroup’s Research division (now HayGroup Insight); founded own consulting firm in 1988.  Extensive experience across all industry sectors, in most US states and several European countries.  Expert and book author in work culture, employee engagement and emotional intelligence at work.


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Detailed Version:

David Bowles was born in London and educated in languages, Psychology and Management Sciences at several Universities in Europe, before moving to the US, where he has spent half his life; he is a  keynote speaker, management consultant and author and since 1988 has been Managing Director of Research & Consulting International in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Prior to late 1987, he was a Senior Vice President of international management consultant HayGroup in Los Angeles, where he directed Hay’s employee research and corporate culture consulting practice across the western and southwestern states. David’s clients have included some of the world’s largest organizations down to small rural hospitals, with experience across all major industry groups such as Airlines; Financial Services; Electric (including Nuclear) and Gas Utilities; Extractive Industries (Oil, Copper and Gold); Health Care (100+ hospitals); Telecommunications; Technology and Manufacturing. The client base has been in both the US and Europe, with operations and consulting requirements worldwide.

He is the co-author with Professor Sir Cary Cooper of two books on morale, engagement and the future of capitalism, both published by Palgrave-Macmillan. In November 2009 “Employee Morale: Driving Performance in Challenging Times” was released and is still the only book to link morale, engagement and performance (customer satisfaction, profitability, productivity and worker health). It uses the very best research from around the world and the authors’ decades of experience consulting with organizations in this area. In June 2012, the worldwide release of David Bowles’ and Cary Cooper’s second book, “The High Engagement Work Culture: Balancing ME and WE” began.  (Both titles are available in print and e-book formats). Following the book’s release, David has embarked on speaking and consulting engagements on the subjects covered in both books, with specific focus on building the high engagement culture wherever you work and the proven and powerful performance enhancements driven by those higher levels of morale and engagement.

David has a B.Sc. (Honors) in Psychology from the University of Southampton, a Ph.D. in Management Sciences (emphasis: Organizational Psychology) from the University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (now the Manchester Business School), U.K. and diplomas in French Civilization from the University of Paris (Sorbonne) and Italian from the University of Pisa, Italy. In addition to his native English, David speaks fluent French and German as well as good Italian. He can be reached at: db@davidbowlesphd.com, via Twitter (@psych4biz) or via the Contact form on this site, and welcomes any and all comments and questions.