Introducing the CultureTrack (TM) Work Culture Survey

Culture at work is hot.  It should be, it determines how your organization will perform.  But what kind of culture do you have?  How would you begin to know?  David’s definition of work culture is simple and is borrowed from the book Corporate Cultures, which started the whole thing in 1982:  “the way we do things around here”.

Since this involves “doing” or behavior, it can be measured via the perceptions of the people who work there.  Its not complicated.

  • Does your organization have a sense of urgency?
  • Does it communicate well with its people?
  • Do they believe what they hear?
  • Does it live its values?  Or just talk about them?
  • Are your people active and positive advocates for your organization, its products and services??

These and many more questions can be answered by the CultureTrack (TM) work culture survey, which David has used in various forms for decades, in many different types of organizations around the world.  Easy to understand and administer, but powerful in its depth and insight into your organization, CultureTrack measures not only the underlying culture of your organization across key dimensions but also the extent to which your people feel and act engaged at work.  Customizable to measure unique aspect of your culture, the survey is available in two versions:

Full package:  upfront, onsite consulting and special customization of the CultureTrack work culture survey based on interviews and assessment of the organization.   Sophisticated graphic feedback of results including extensive customized demographic breakdowns.  On-site presentation and analysis of the results to leadership and other interested parties.

Online-only:  access to the standard CultureTrack work culture and engagement survey via Survey Monkey**, with graphic feedback of results.

Online-only clients can of course request special consulting advice for additional fees, based on needs identified by the survey.

Please contact David for more information.


** Feature to be added in Fall, 2016