Sample Keynote Speeches

Snapshot 2 (2-6-2015 4-46 PM)

David loves to speak publicly and connect with an audience.  He can customize a keynote for your organization within the areas of morale, engagement, culture and emotional intelligence at work.  As a big fan but also a critic of capitalism, he envisions improving the system so that it works for everyone, not just a few.

Let David bring his vast experience and the knowledge he put into two books… on culture, morale and engagement at work…to your teams.


Here are some typical topics he can deliver as keynotes:


  1. Why Your Organization Needs an Engaged Workforce and How to Get There

  2. The Five Biggest Mistakes People Make with Employee Engagement

  3. Mining Employee Engagement Data:  Find the Priceless Nuggets You Have Been Missing

  4. Balancing ME and WE: Why and How Our Work Culture Must Change

  5. Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

  6. Capitalism with a Heart

  7. Can Capitalism Save Itself? A Fan with a Plan

  8. Emotional Intelligence (EQ): The Investment Which Never Loses Value

  9. Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence: You Win, We All Win

  10. Using Emotional Intelligence To Turbo Charge Your Work Relationships